Some thoughts for changing FIGHT and SPECIAL in a future update

Thinking about rules changes for future updates. Here's something I'm thinking about for FIGHT and SPECIAL to make them more distinct and changing the dynamics of how they're used:

Rather than FIGHT actions being more difficult than JUMP attacks (incentivizing JUMP attacks by disincentivizing FIGHT), instead SPECIAL actions cost SPECIAL points which accumulate from JUMP attacks or 1-to-1 conversion of NICE! Points. This still encourages players to use JUMP attacks over FIGHT, without punishing FIGHT-oriented characters. FIGHT is still important and should be valid to build a character around. This also pits FIGHT and SPECIAL against each other, such that most characters will prioritize just one attribute, or JUMP and either FIGHT or SPECIAL, which I think is more appropriate, although a character focusing on both FIGHT and SPECIAL should still be viable even given this change if they're accumulating enough NICE! points.

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