I've added three new files, HTML files (you can open them in your browser) for generators to facilitate a game of Maximum Recursion Depth. I'm hoping this will help people better understand the setting and how to run a game in it. I intend to continue to tweak these generators, but I've used them to reasonable success in my home game of Maximum Recursion Depth and I hope they will be useful, inspiring, or fun for anyone interested in Maximum Recursion Depth.

The first generator is an NPC Generator inspired by the Bastionland post Mash-Up Character Method. It produces NPCs for a mostly contemporary setting, but could be used more generally for basically any setting.

The Investigation Generator can be used in tandem with the NPC Generator, where the NPC is a prospective client, and the investigation includes the poltergeist that the party would be investigating, their relationship to the client, and various other details to inspire a Maximum Recursion Depth Poltergeist Investigation.

The Court of Hell Generator can also be used in tandem with these. It generates a thematic name, some flavor details about the Court setting and some features, and gameable hooks such as the "bureaucratic error" in the Court.


bastionland_NPC_generator.html 4 kB
Aug 18, 2020
MRD_investigation_generator.html 4 kB
Aug 18, 2020
MRD_Court_Generator.html 19 kB
Aug 18, 2020

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