I have launched a Kickstarter for Maximum Recursion Depth! I really love this setting and this game, I think it captures and distills my thoughts in a way nothing I've produced before has been able to do. But I knew when I submitted this to the Eclectic Bastionjam, that the art and layout, but also the sheer quantity and quality of content, did not yet match the level of what I knew it was capable of being. With this kickstarter, I hope to rectify that. This new version of the game will include original art commissioned for this project, high quality layout, revised content, and a lot of new content as well.

There are a few small issues and at least one fairly large issue I'd like to fix with the Ashcan edition at some point, but right now my main focus is on this new version of the game. If you enjoyed the Ashcan Edition, or liked the idea but felt it could use improvement, I would encourage you to give the kickstarter a look!

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